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water treatment

Industrial waste water / industrial process water / sewage treatment plants

Water treatment plants

Our company and services

  • Analysis and feasibility

    proposal of the optimum solution

  • Project surveying

    provision of comprehensive documents

  • Technological production

    reliable technology for your exact needs

  • Construction work

    comprehensive implementation of a project

  • Service and supervision

    regular servicing and technological supervision

We are engaged in development, design and production of waste water treatment installations for industrial and municipal sector.

The company has achieved a state-of-the-art technological level and now supplies its plants to many leaders of the global industry.

Water treatment plants

We design and supply water treatment plants using modern technologies. The design of all technologies is carried out with regard to the quality of treated water and the economic efficiency of the project.

Industrial waste water plants

When seeking the optimum solution, the emphasis is always on environmental protection. By using state-of-the-art technologies, we reduce water consumption in industry and improve the parameters of the industrial and municipal water that has been treated. This can be returned to the recipients or released into the environment.

Industrial process water plants

In many plants reducing process water consumption and the level of its treatment is an important intensification factor, which allows operating costs to be significantly reduced, improves profitability and competitiveness whilst reducing the negative impacts on the environment.

Sewage treatment plants

In the field of municipal sewage water treatment, we offer water treatment plants that use the latest technology and reliably achieve the required parameters for clean water. Each treatment plant is designed with regard to the customer’s requirements and needs and with the utmost regard for the environment


Prague Zoo

Cleaning and recirculation of pool water in the hippopotamus pavilion

  • 1000
    meters: piping
  • 150
    daily load of dirt (kg)
  • 3
    cleaning phases
WWTP concept:
  • Three-grades filtration
  • O3 and UV desinfection
  • Constant operation
  • Continual water treatment
Project effects:
  • Possibility to observe animals underwater
  • 100% recirculation of treated water